Meet The Team

Susan Singh Rarewala

Susan is the founder of ASA who envisioned a charitable trust for the wellbeing of animals, to benefit the community as a whole. Susan has for years been involved in helping animals in Goa and will continue to do this and more for ASA.

Brendy Ranalletta 

Meet our shelter manager, Brendy. Brendy feels inspired and motivated to take on the responsibility of running our animal shelter in Agonda. She has had extensive experience of working with stray animals and also many different types of wildlife in Europe. Brendy has worked in Belgium for an organization called Naturhulpcentrum and has the necessary professional skills required to organize and manage ASA. She will network with other NGO’s in South Goa to help stabilize and solve the problems we encounter here with the animal population. Brendy has a sincere love for the welfare of all animals.

Gautam Kamat

Gautam is the owner of the land, and is of invaluable help in overseeing construction activities, contracting labour and in dealing with authorities. And he also adopted the first rescued puppy.

Akshay Velip

Akshay is ASA’s trainee veterinary assistant. Akshay is from the local Cola area and speaks both English and Konkani.

Sameer Velip

Sameer is from Vagona and works as a shelter assistant. It is nice to have the support of staff hired from the immediate village, as it brings  us closer to the local community.

Myron Dacosta

Myron is one of our veterinarians. Apart from dealing with all the dogs ,cats and other animals, he is also has worked with horses.

Amanda Fernandes

Amanda is one of our veterinarians, who also works at our shelter with Dr. Myron. We are priveldged to have them as part of our professional team working with our vet nurse and manager Brendy Ranalletta

Shelter Address:
House no.382/b Vagona Cola Canacona Goa 403702 (4km from Agonda beach)
Tel: 0091 7261984543 Email:
Opening Hours
10am - 1pm & 4pm - 6pm