Treatment of sick and injured animals

When sick and injured animals get brought to the shelter, or we get calls to visit them on site, our shelter manager assesses them first. Non-serious conditions will be treated and released immediately, whereas serious cases will be kept at the shelter where a care and treatment plan will be followed, providing the best medical care for each animal. Cases that require surgery will be handled by one of our veterinarians Dr. Myron Dacosta or Dr.Amanda Fernandes, who comes at present once a week. Urgent life threatening cases, that can be saved, will be taken to a clinic in Margao.

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Animal Birth Control (ABC) - sterilization of dogs and cats

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Certain days are specifically dedicated to sterilizations. Animals that have been earmarked over the week will be collected the day before, and kept to ensure they have an empty stomach, to be able to be operated. After recovery they will be handed over to the owner, or, in case of strays, will be released at the same place they were captured.

Vaccinations against Rabies

All animals that are treated by us will be vaccinated against rabies, still one of the rampant problems in India.

Further vaccinations (7in1 covering distemper, parvovirus, etc.) will only be given to those who remain with us for longer, to ensure no contagious diseases are spread in the shelter, and to pets, whose owners don’t mind spending a little extra, as this inoculation comes a bit pricy.

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Adoptions and fostering


All rescued puppies and kittens, and animals not fit enough to survive in the wild eventually need to find new homes. Some are adopted outright by responsible owners, others need to be monitored once in a while, as some people aren’t educated enough to really understand what it entails to be a pet owner.

Monsoon feeding program

In the monsoon food gets scarce on the beach belt, as most restaurants shut down, and the animals become solely dependant on handouts. So we involve the help of the local community to operate a feeding program in these dire times, and have for the last ten years.

We generally try to foster a humane attitude in the community towards all creatures alive, and the nature they depend on: not to harm, mistreat or kill any beings.

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