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Our aim at Animal Shelter Agonda is to help sick animals and to  give medical attention to injured and to mistreated animals. In addition, we will run a sterilization program to cut back on the growing population of cats and dogs. We operate feeding programs for beach dogs during the monsoon, with the assistance of some local women in Agonda.


  • Treating sick and injured animals, providing them with the best medical and follow up care.

  • Animal birth control (ABC program), facilitated by sterilizing and neutering dogs and cats.

  • Vaccinations against rabies are crucial as it secures public health and safety.

  • Adoptions and fostering of animals.

  • A monsoon feeding program for stray and beach dogs.

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2 days ago

ASA Animal Shelter Agonda/Cola

Thanks to all the venues in Agonda who have allowed us to bring the #ASAAnimalShelterAgondaCola collection box to the Music gigs throughout the season, and to everyone who kindly donated.
We have just taken the box to be emptied again and raised 14,140 Rupees from February to April, so with the 6,500 raised from December and January and the 15,000 raised from October to November that's a total amount of 35,640 Rupees!!!!
This really is an amazing organisation totally funded by donations and the difference they make to the lives of animals in this area is astronomical. If you are here in South Goa, go up to the shelter and see the marvelous work they do. (link in comments)
Thanks again to everyone πŸ™‚
Anesh Pagi at #H2OAgonda and #AgondaDivaBeachResortGoa
Roshan Roshan at #ChillySamba
Mick James & Sveta at #KopiDesaAgondaBeachGoa
Vishwas Pagi at #SilentWavesAgonda
Sagar Magar at #AgondaCottages
Dale Darryl, Pauline, Svava, Julie & Terry at #AgondaKuraKuraBeachHuts

Susan Singh Rarewala Dian Singh Rarewala Brendy Ranalletta

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2 weeks ago

ASA Animal Shelter Agonda/Cola

πŸ•β€πŸ•β€πŸ•β€πŸ•β€πŸ• Lovely little puppies dumped in the road! Brendy cleaned them up, as they were full of fleas,& ticks. They were also hungry! But after food, they settled down to relax and chill out. ...

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ThankπŸ™ you to Brigitte for adopting two of our shelter kitties! pictured here with her daughter soha and the two lovely cats. 🐱🐈 ...

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Shelter Address:
House no.382/b Vagona Cola Canacona Goa 403702 (4km from Agonda beach)
Tel: 0091 7261984543 Email:
Opening Hours
10am - 1pm & 4pm - 6pm